It’s true! Your child doesn’t even need especially proficient language skills to have an overall better chance of impressive GSCE results, according to a recent Cambridge University study.

Apparently it’s a PMA (positive mental attitude) thing. The study uses the term “a multilingual identity”. It’s an interesting concept. But perhaps not an unusual one, when language skills are acknowledged for broadening the horizons and imaginations of high school students for decades.

To this end, the study suggests that even modest language skills improve the self-confidence of GSCE students, instilling them with greater conviction in their ability to do well in ALL their exams.

Language Skills Promote ‘Growth Mindset’

Dr Dee Rutgers, one of the Cambridge academics who carried out the study, explained, “The evidence suggests that the more multilingual you consider yourself to be, the higher your GCSE scores. 

“While we need to understand more about why that relationship exists, it may be that children who see ­themselves as multilingual have a sort of ‘growth mindset’, which impacts on wider attainment.”

The world children are living in is becoming a smaller place and the findings align with this. 24/7 news, connectivity and quicker and more affordable travel have contributed to the world becoming more accessible to all.

As a result, children with language skills are experiencing a wider window on the world that’s having a positive impact on their overall educational achievement.


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‘Children exposed to different languages become GCSE superstars in all their subjects’, Miriam Stoppard, The Mirror