The Polish language is perceived as being notoriously difficult for native English speakers to learn. So Polish lessons can feel insurmountable if they’re delivered in a conventional and staid way.

Polish lessons need to be brought to life for intrepid students to pick up the nuances of the language as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s where pierogi comes in!

It’s said the way to a man’s or woman’s heart is through his or her stomach. The same might be said about the brain, too.

Pierogi Day is celebrated on 8th October. What better way to super boost your Polish lessons than having conversations around one of the most famous and well-loved Polish foods?

Days of the Year suggests how you can leverage these parcels of cheese, onion and potato deliciousness to amplify what you’re learning in your Polish lessons –

  • Ask a Polish person to share some pierogi with you if they’re making a batch for Pierogi Day.
  • Buy some authentic pierogi from a Polish deli run by immigrants.
  • Ask a Polish person to share their pierogi recipe with you and have a go at making it yourself.

Polish Lessons are More Important Now than Ever Before

Pierogi aside, Polish lessons have become more and more in demand since 2011, when the Polish language overtook Punjabi as the UK’s second language.

It’s now estimated that over half a million people speak Polish in the UK. That might sound like a big number. But it’s not that big when you put it in to perspective.

Take the capital city London as a microcosm. According to EU Business News –

“Polish is the second most common foreign language spoken by Londoners, with seven boroughs stating this is the second most spoken main language after English… only 3% of Brits can speak fluent Polish – meaning 97% of people in the UK could be missing out on connecting with 48,585 London residents.”

That’s a humongous amount of UK citizens who are incommunicado.

At La Academia, it’s our goal to bring people together by breaking down language barriers.

To this end, our Polish lessons are designed to be relevant, interesting and enjoyable. From the outset, we’ll ensure you understand the basics and start picking up patterns that demonstrate Polish isn’t as hard as everyone thinks.


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Pierogi Day, Days of the Year