Recent research shows that positive thinking helps students solve maths problems. Researchers whose results were published in Psychological Science suggested “looking at students’ beliefs about a subject and their self-perceived abilities to provide another inroad to maximising learning.”

Could negative thinking be the reason why many English students don’t do well at languages? We are surrounded by messages that English people are not good at languages, so instead of positive thinking we think negatively, and that makes it harder to learn.

Let’s try positive thinking about language learning instead, and see how our language skills benefit! Of course, being a student at la Academia is a great start as positive encouragement is part of our teaching style. How could you be negative with teachers like these?

Danielle who studied A Level Spanish with la Academia says: “I honestly believe I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support I received from my teacher, Silvi”, and George, who has Aspergers, also saw the benefit. His mum said “Jessica was patient and very encouraging with George and even when he was worrying reassured him he could do well”. And the mum of one of our GCSE students said “Alison taught my son, and she gave him the confidence with the oral exam and written paper to achieve a high grade”.

So if you’re learning a language and you find your confidence is slipping, come along to la Academia and get a top-up of enthusiasm, positive thinking and great teaching from our team!

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