Recently we asked some of our primary school Spanish students to feed back to us about their experience with la Academia.  We’re really pleased with the high ratings they gave la Academia and the teachers involved. It was really interesting to hear the young people’s views on language learning.

The first question was what the children enjoy about language learning. Their answers were in general and in specific language terms – for example, some like the challenge of a new skill, and some like being able to speak a language/ Spanish in particular.

The children most enjoyed the way that la Academia teaches Spanish, with 42% mentioning “games”, “songs” or “fun” in their answers. 19% like “learning new things”, and 14% enjoy the idea of using their Spanish abroad, or speaking to Spanish people. 9% said they liked knowing some Spanish so they could challenge or trick their friends. Some had more unique answers like “It makes me feel like a different boy” and “I can teach my family”. One Spanish student said “the words tickle my tongue and are fun to say”! Finally, 6% just said they enjoy “everything” about learning Spanish.

When asked “Is there anything you dislike about language learning?” one student said “that it’s only once a week”, and the others who answered gave positive comments like “everything is always fun and never boring” or “No! I love learning Spanish”.

Finally, we asked the primary school Spanish students if they think that learning another language is important. All of the children said Yes, except one, who said not “as you may never meet a Spanish person”. The reasons why the others thought it was important included 52% who said “in case you go abroad” and 14% who said it is useful to be able to speak with Spanish people. 12% felt that that speaking other people’s languages is important. 10% thought learning Spanish could be useful in a job in later life, and as many said it can help you make new friends.  One said “it makes you clever!” which is a great answer – lots of research backs up this student!

If you know some primary school children who could do with an injection of fun, whilst learning a skill that will make them clever and help them in future jobs, then Spanish lessons with la Academia is your answer!  Ring us on 0161 491 1444 for more information!