Chinese language learning is notorious for being a tough nut to crack. But that could be all set to change by pulling on your best red pants to celebrate Chinese New from 1st February, heralding the Year of the Tiger.

The tiger’s roar is an exciting proposition in the Chinese horoscope. It represents positivity, reparation, financial prosperity and stability. Sounds like just the ticket, right?

There’s more if you’re a tiger yourself – born in 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, etc. If you’re on a Chinese language learning journey this year, you might want to check your undie drawer for a certain colour.

So, what’s the special sauce that red underwear entails according to this titillating tradition?

How Can the Tiger Make Chinese Language Learning Less Pants?

The Beijinger’s Wendy Xu explains, “… There’s nothing romantic about it. Instead, people who need to wear it believe they are likely to face more challenges or troubles than usual in their zodiac year and that they need to wear red to ward off bad luck every single day of the New Year.”

Tigers take heed! You’re probably aware that Chinese language learning is generally thought to be one of the most difficult of all global languages. You can use all the help you can get.

But, there’s a proviso. According to superstition, wearing red underwear for good tiger luck won’t work unless you’ve received it as a gift.

Joey Wong of Lifestyle Asia has a perfect solution to this dilemma if you’re short on crimson camis or blood-red briefs.

“The underwear in question — be it thong, bikini brief, boy-shorts, boxer trunks or something much more scandalous — must be bought, then gifted by someone else. No purchasing red underwear for yourself, please, unless you’re willing to settle for second-rate luck. Why risk it! If anything, it’d make for a fun Valentine’s Day gift, too.”

It could be all the difference between languishing at the bottom of the class or being the star pupil.


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