I got my Spanish A Level grade! Results Day, 17th August 2017

I started going to la Academia when I was 9 years old and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Today was my A level results day and I received a “B” in Spanish A-Level and secured a place at my dream university!

Says Danielle Keane, a la Academia student who started learning Spanish with us 9 years ago and is now going to Liverpool University!

la Academia Spanish A Level tutors

I honestly believe I couldn’t have done it without all the help and support I received from my teacher, Silvi. Silvi’s played such a huge part in my life and over the last 9 years – she has not only massively extended my knowledge of the Spanish language but has been there no matter what. Her students mean so much to her and she genuinely wants to help, not only in the one hour a week that I used to see her for. Whenever I had any questions about homework or exams through the week, she was only a phone call away. If I needed any extra lessons it was no problem at all.

Silvi’s amazing and I’m forever grateful to la Academia and to her. Languages are so crucial and I think more people should consider taking the opportunity to learn one, especially when such amazing teachers are available!

If you know someone who could benefit from Spanish A level tuition, contact la Academia on 0161 491 1444 or info@laacademia.co.uk