Hello! My name is Inés Enríquez and I teach Spanish at La Academia. I teach Spanish to a wide range of ages, from 3 to 73! But my favourite group is the children. I really enjoy teaching Spanish in different schools and see the progress in them, sometimes they leave me speechless at how quickly they learn!

I am passionate about languages and I have been teaching languages for a few years. I decided to specialise in teaching English and Spanish as a second language as they are two of the most spoken languages over the world. Very useful to travel anywhere!

Differences in Spanish and English phonics

I like point out some phonics that are not present in the English language from the very beginning as I think it is a good way to develop and add the “Spanish accent” in every word. Kids love exploring these sounds and it is very funny for them to practise some sounds like the double r or the j sound that don’t exist in English.

Teaching Spanish culture

Also I include different cultural sessions to explore the Spanish traditions and festivities as I think it is a good way for children to approach to the Spanish community and appreciate other ways of lifestyle and culture.

Tips for learning Spanish

The main tip for my students is not to be afraid of speaking, as the more we speak the more confident and comfortable we will be with the new language. Also I tell them to think in Spanish and avoid translating from English all the time as sometimes the translation can be completely the opposite of what you want to say. I know it can be difficult at the beginning but once you are able to do that language flows and all sudden you are having a full conversation.

Get started today!

So if you are thinking of giving it a chance, don’t doubt it and join us! Any time or age is perfect to start learning a new language. Whether you are looking for a Spanish teacher for you, your child or your school students, just contact la Academia on 0161 491 144 and info@laacademia.co.uk – we’ll be happy to help!