Upping their EFL game is on the minds of many non-native competitors alighting for the UK’s summer of sport. And there’s plenty. Only recently, we’ve witnessed the annual SW19 tennis face-off. Uefa Women’s Euro 2022 teams are going toe to toe in stadiums across the land. And Birmingham is preparing to put on a championship performance when it welcomes the 2022 Commonwealth Games.  

Brushing up on EFL skills is an amazing way to make the most of flying visits. And for those expecting to end up on a podium, their EFL prowess needs to be at the top of its game, should they find themselves in the media spotlight.

Championship standard EFL is even more vital for sportspeople who are re-locating to the UK on a more permanent basis. For example, English Premiership season, which kicks off with its first round of matches in early August, is often accompanied by the arrival of some of the hottest footballing talent on the planet.

These players need effective EFL help at pace. And this is where premium EFL courses or private tuition levels up the playing field.

How Game Changing EFL Tuition Kicks Off Every Inbound Player’s UK Journey

Communication is a key component of teamwork. Otherwise, the dream doesn’t work without it. Here are just a few ways that learning to speak workable English helps inbound players perform to optimum levels on the pitch, and off it, too –

  • Minimum Legal Requirements – Anybody wanting to work in the UK is required by law to take Home Office exams, even world beating sportspeople. In short, effective language tuition makes the process as quick and stress-free as possible, freeing them up to invest their energies in to the elimination of their competitors.
  • Team Spirit – Team cohesion and working together towards a shared goal – of lifting trophies – is at the heart of every manager’s strategy for success. To this end, equipping players with a common language is one giant leap to achieving this.
  • Family Support – Inbound players are often concerned about settling their families in to a new country, besides just themselves. So, English language tuition is just as important for a player’s nearest and dearest, to support a happy holistic transition.


At Manchester’s award-winning La Academia, we offer many tailored EFL services to sports managers, players and their families. Get in touch for a chat about your needs. We’ll likely have the ‘back of the net’ solutions to help.