The Gift of Language

Our children are growing up in a very different society. One where the largest retailer doesn’t own its stock (Amazon), a global taxi company doesn’t own its vehicles (Uber), and the most popular hotel chain doesn’t own hotels (AirBnB).

It seems that owning stuff is outdated. Not only that, but years of austerity and uncertainty, coupled with a new found love for reusing and recycling, have seen a slow down in retail sales over the last few years. The peak Christmas shopping season starts with this week’s Black Friday offers, and the CBI has reported some reasons for cautious optimism amongst its retailers. Overall though, it seems that the growing and continuing trend is not for ‘stuff.’ While we are spending less things we are spending more on doing things (experiences) – and telling the world about it online afterwards, of course.

Here at la Academia we like to keep up with the trends so we are delighted to introduce you to our newest classes, la Academia Minis and to our brand new gift cards. Put the two together and you have the great gift of language for everyone.

What are Minis?

Aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers between 2 and 4 years old, Minis include singing, games, rhyming, and videos. They are designed to encourage language and brain development while being a fun and exciting social and learning activity. And parents can join in too – although there’s a nice café on site where you can enjoy some ‘me time’. And just in case you might be thinking that teaching pre-schoolers is futile – we now know that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life.

Why Gift Cards?

We all love making our own choices. With our gift cards you can start someone on a language journey of their choice. We offer languages from French to Mandarin, from Spanish to Greek, for beginners and the well-practised. There really is something for everyone. Developing your foreign language skills enhances your competitiveness on the job market and opens doors for your career, whether home or abroad. To purchase a gift card:  T: 0161 491 1444  E: