Learning a new language should be a thrilling adventure, chock-full of exciting opportunities for personal growth and cultural enrichment. But, navigating it demands more than just flipping through textbooks and memorising grammar rules.

Moreover, your approach to learning a new language contributes massively to your ultimate success, failure, or a half-baked attempt falling somewhere in the middle.

The burning question is… Are there any specific golden tickets for language learning success? And if so, what?

Afar’s Dana Brindle recently sought the expert opinions of serial polyglots in her Advice on Learning a New Language From People Who Speak Up to 16 article. Here are three key pieces of advice the interviewees collectively came up with for conquering the language learning battle:

  1. Talk the Talk

The magic lies in actively engaging with the language you’re learning. So, don’t just read it. Speak it, with your language teacher and other students, with native speakers, and even in front of the mirror. It might feel awkward at first. But truthfully, conquering your fear of speaking is vital to mastering a new language.

  1. Ways and Means

A sturdy toolkit with the right resources is essential for language learning success. So, look for schools, teachers, apps, books and media that align with your learning style. And focus on vocabulary rather than fixating on grammar. The winning ingredients include –

  • Expansion of your vocabulary
  • Practice, practice, and practice again
  • Frequent exposure to the language

With these in mind, make your goals SMART, and let consistency weave its wonders.

  1. Roll Your Sleeves Up

Finally, be prepared to go at it with intention and a go-getting attitude. Like any job that’s worth doing, language learning demands doing well. So, set aside dedicated time each day to work on your chosen language. Understand mistakes are stepping stones to progress. And accept persistence is necessary if you’re set on achieving fluency. But the gradual yet rewarding transformation makes the soul-destroying days worthwhile.

Ultimately, your language skills will soar when you incorporate these tenets into your learning regimen. This is because effective language learning isn’t just written in textbooks. Additionally, it’s in the heartfelt conversations, consistent effort, and will to succeed.


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