Tuesday 10th January isn’t National Shop for Travel Day without good reason. On the contrary, it represents a wealth of possibilities during the post-festive period when spirits sag and there’s a desperate need for something to look forward to.

In addition, it’s also the time when many airlines and travel companies jump on the January sale bandwagon and offer steals.

Although getting excited about your forthcoming travels requires more than booking time off work and planning your ideal holiday wardrobe. Like, how are you going to get the most out of your travel adventures if you’re ill-equipped to have even a basic conversation in the local language?

The thing is, it’s all well and good to assume that the natives might at least speak a bit of pigeon English. But truthfully, you’re seriously limiting your experience if you settle for being a bungling tourist at large.

Here are just a few of the major benefits of getting to grips with the local language before you jet off.

What Do Language Skills Contribute to Your Travels?

  • Being Safe and Well – It’s a plain case of being safe than sorry to have your wits about you when you’re in a foreign place. What’s more, it’s sensible to equip yourself with a basic understanding of what to say and how to say it in case of an emergency.
  • Finding Your Way Around – Getting about as quickly and hassle-free as possible is easier when you can ask for and understand directions, use guidebooks and navigate the local signage.
  • Eating and Drinking Out – Food and drink are integral parts of most foreign cultures. Getting to grips with menus and being able to ask for recommendations is a surefire way to relish more than just egg and chips when you’re on your travels.


At La Academia, we offer numerous in-school and online classes and 1:1 tuition in ALL languages.  So, don’t be caught speechless when you’re travelling abroad. Get in touch with us and start planning for a richer and more satisfying experience.