Spanish language learning began in the UK in the late 19th century, when the first British schools began offering Spanish courses. But it wasn’t until the swinging 60s and 70s, when jetting off to the Mediterranean became accessible to the masses, that we really became intoxicated with Spanish culture. As a result, Spanish language learning got more and more popular. But, what’s the outlook today?

Now, The Independent’s Ian Jones states: “Spanish is already the most popular foreign language at A-level. In a few years’ time … it might also be the most popular at GCSE.” Although it’s far from just the younger generations clambering to learn Spanish.

And here is a trio of top reasons why Spanish lessons have never lost their allure…

1 Spain is still an incomparable tourist destination for British holidaymakers

The British love affair with Spain and the Spanish language shows no signs of fading, with millions flocking to the country’s resorts and cities each year. What’s more, our appetite for Spanish cuisine, from tapas to paella, has set in motion the opening of many Spanish restaurants and bars across the country. These establishments have become hives of activity for Spanish students of all ages to put their learning to lip-smacking practical use.

2 Growing importance of the Spanish-speaking world

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, with Statista reporting over 548.3 million speakers worldwide. In addition, Spain is also an important trading partner for the UK. The Department for Business & Trade confirmed over £56.8 billion of bilateral trade in 2022. On top of that, Spanish is widely spoken across Latin America, which includes several emerging regions for British businesses looking to expand overseas.

3 Numerous benefits of learning a second language

Finally, Spanish language lessons remain in demand in the UK because they’re good for the brain, the soul, and life in general! For example, learning a second language can improve cognitive function, enhance cultural awareness, and boost career prospects. In fact, a proficient command of Spanish is a progressively more valuable skill, as more British organisations look to do business with Spanish-speaking countries.

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