Calling all young people from 14 to 24! Did you know that you can study a language as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award? You’re not allowed to count the study you are doing at school, but if you are having additional language lessons, or studying a new language outside school, it can count!

Like all other components of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award, to get the points for studying a language you need to show commitment over a period of 3-18 months, depending on whether you are going for Gold, Silver or Bronze award. You will need to nominate an assessor to confirm that you have been committed and have met the standards to pass the module.

Languages come under the “learning and collecting” division, which is part of the Skills section.  Here at la Academia, we think that it should be categorised under the “life skills” section, as learning a language is a gift for life. Either way, we can help you!

How can la Academia help you reach your DofE goals?

Additional learning in a language already being studied: la Academia has several students studying a language as part of their DofE.  Some are doing additional work on a language that they are already studying at school. In this case you have to study topics or vocabulary that is not part of your school curriculum.

Learning a new language: la Academia can help with studying a new language for a particular purpose, such as a school trip, family holiday or to pass an exam. We teach students on a one to one basis, and provide a certificate of study, but the students can also take an external exam in the language if they wish. Tell us your requirements and we will develop a course for an individual student or for a group.

Combining your language study with other activities

It’s great if you have a particular reason to study a new language – for example this year the Scout Jamboree was in Japan and a number of local Scout troops sent representatives to Yamaguchi City, which is 4.5 hours from Tokyo by bullet train. Several scouts learned some Japanese before leaving.

Or if you are going on a school trip as part of your studies a language programme from la Academia will help you with your DofE and allow you to enjoy your time abroad to the full. La Academia can take groups of 4-8 students through a course specifically designed to give them relevant vocabulary and phrases for an overseas school trip.

In short, learning a language for your Duke of Edinburgh Award gives you a life skill as well as a DofE – to learn more, give us a call on 0161 491 1444 or email us on and we’ll get you started!