Do you watch the news? Or read it on your phone or in print? It’s certainly something I do on daily basis. Whether it’s catching up with the gossip or more serious political matters, my day wouldn’t be the same without a dose of my favourite news services.

We suggest to our language students that this is also a great way to get immersed in your new language. It doesn’t matter if your news interest is sport, celebrities, politics or cookery. Reading and listening in your target language will help you achieve your language goals.

Spiegel Online is a great resource for German language learners – and there’s an app too. Learning French? Try Le Monde’s app or their website. Italian News is a fantastic app that groups the most important Italian newspapers and magazines together. Get all the all the information you want in one place without having to browse each of the many Italian news. Spanish learners will find the same idea through the Spanish News app.

When we went abroad, my husband always made a point of picking up a local newspaper so he could read about the local sport. Most hotels provide free newspapers so this is a very cheap and easy way to improve your skills.

If you prefer to watch the news then that’s even easier – just search the internet for TV news in the language of your choice. If you’re abroad – switch on the TV.

  • Why does it work to watch or read the news? It’s because you can:
  • Enhance your comprehension and grammar.
  • Pick up new vocabulary and idioms.
  • Hear the language the way natives speak it – and improve your own accent.
  • Get inside the country’s culture, principles and beliefs.

Just a few minutes a day will see you improve in leaps and bounds The only thing you need to do is pay attention properly. Focus on one story and ensure you fully understand it. Make a note of any new vocabulary. Look up any words that are new to you. Bring any queries back to your la Academia language teacher – we want to help.