We love teaching Spanish in nursery schools. But, you might be thinking that teaching pre-schoolers is futile. Not true – in fact we now know that the best time for a child to learn another language is in the first three to four years of life. Why?

Learning Language Is Natural for the Young

As adults, we get embarrassed. Even if we’ve learned the words, we can find it difficult to try them out when we’re abroad, in case we get it wrong. Young children have no such inhibitions. When they immerse themselves, through play, songs and chatter, they can and do learn a language quickly and easily. Noticing how babies learn to talk proves they are natural learners. In their first six months, babies babble using sounds that make up all the languages in the world. They then learn to talk using the sounds, accents and words they pick up from those around them.

Don’t Waste those Precious Early Years

50 percent of our ability to learn is developed in the first years of life and another 30 percent by the time we are eight. Learning a second language in nursery school is as easy for young children as learning the first. What a waste it would be to forgo the chance to create bilingual kids.

How We Teach a Second Language in Nursery School

Infants learn by listening, seeing, imitating, and practising. It’s fun for them to try things out. That’s why it’s vital for the adults around them to talk to them from the start. Put away those mobile phones and talk to your kids. They may not reply (yet) but every moment is absorbed and used. We use the same principles. So we tell rhymes, sing songs, play games, and teach them to count using a second language. Spanish is our most popular choice in nursery. You can see how much our customers love what we do here.