What can you expect to see in different cultures and hear in other languages when your trip abroad clashes with the annual apple-ducking, trick-and-treating fright-fest of Halloween?

You might not see or hear much if Halloween isn’t a thing in the country you’re visiting, or if the local version of Halloween isn’t widely upheld.

But, in other countries you’ll experience a sensory spooktacular of spine-tingling strangeness and terror-inspiring voices from beyond the grave. Imagine gruesomely ghoulish gurglings in other languages!

Here’s a spell-binding selection of weird and wonderful monster mashes you might find yourself involved with if you’re abroad in late October –

·        China

Halloween is known as Teng Chieh in China. The Chinese enjoy phantasmagoric fun by placing food and drinks in front of photographs of their dearly departed friends and relatives.

Besides offering refreshments, the Chinese also have bonfires and light lanterns to guide the spirits of their loved ones who return to roam the earth for one night every year. 

·        Czech Republic

The Czech people pull up an extra chair on Halloween for spirits to come and join them. So, don’t be fooled by thinking you’re in a half empty room. It might be packed to the rafters. You just can’t see how many ghostly party-goers have taken up the invitations of their earthy kith and kin.

·       Latin America, Mexico and Spain

El Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead – is a major three-day supernatural celebration.  Parades of revellers dance through the streets dressed as skeletons. Someone is chosen to be carried in a coffin, with other participants throwing fruit, flowers and sweets to them.

Candlelit church services and prayers at home are held throughout the fang-tastic fiesta.

It isn’t without its macabre elements. But it’s an uplifting affair that celebrates the cycle of life from birth to death.


There’s nothing scarier and more ominous than not being able to speak any other languages besides your own native language.

At La Academia, we can’t promise other languages will protect you from supernatural spirits. But we can guarantee your time abroad will be a whole lot less blood-curdling when you have other languages at your disposal to communicate with the living… and the dead.


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