When you employ as many EFL teachers as la Academia, and for as many reasons – for  football, recent arrivals, manufacturing, business people, high net worth individuals, long-term UK inhabitants, and more, you get to know who makes a good EFL teacher. The best are relaxed, knowledgeable people with experience of living overseas and the understanding that comes with that experience.

The teacher may be young, old, male, female, university educated or not, short, tall, lively, shy… our EFL teachers are varied individuals but what unites them is their love of the English language and an enthusiasm to communicate this to their students and inspire them in their studies.

la Academia EFL teachers


Having a variety of EFL teachers with different styles gives our students the best chance to get an EFL teacher who is just right for them. Each has their own teaching style and specialist areas of knowledge. They also offer options in terms of the way you’d like to learn English – need to pass exams?  Looking to communicate better at work?  Kids picking up English at school and you need to keep up? La Academia has a teacher who has the skills and experience you need.

To give you an idea of who teaches English at la Academia, take a look at our Team page, or at six of our teachers in this postcard – now you know what a good RFL teacher looks like!