The British monarchy offers a unique opportunity for English language learners to majestically level up their studies. Not sure what the connection is? Let us explain…

Our often colourful Kings and Queens have captured the imagination of people around the world for centuries. What’s more, they’ve played a prominent role in shaping British culture and society, becoming a symbol of tradition, power, and elegance.

Now, people worldwide are captivated by the pomp and pageantry of coronations, royal weddings, and state occasions. These regal revelries offer a glimpse into a world as foreign as it’s fascinating.

On top of that, the royal family is the subject of excessive media attention, both in the UK and abroad. In fact, the lives of the royals are often portrayed like an unfolding soap opera, generating an almost insatiable appetite to discover what really goes on behind the elegant facades of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

It all adds up to rich pickings for English as a foreign language students.

How the British Monarchy Gives Content to English Language Learning

The British monarchy past and present gives unique context that can skyrocket English language learning. For example:

  • Turns of phrase – Many idioms and colloquialisms have originated from royal history and tradition. Commonly used expressions like ‘drama queen’, ‘battle royal’ and ‘king’s ransom’ add dimension and fun to English language learning, besides improving comprehension and communication skills.
  • Cultural backdrop – The formal language and etiquette that surrounds royal occasions offer valuable lessons in both social interaction and communication.
  • Accessibility – The eyes of the world turn UK-wards for royal occasions, making immersion in the English language not only highly accessible, but also wildly popular and topical.


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