Some interesting research from jobs website Adzuna this week. They looked at all their job listings, which were posted in English, but which asked for other languages. They could then see which languages employers look for and which pay the best. Congratulate yourself if you already speak German – if not, maybe you should start!

Adzuna found 6,800 vacancies for German speaker, paying an average salary of £34,534. This was more jobs and better pay than for any other language. Of the other European languages commonly taught in the UK, French came 3rd and Spanish came 5th in the salary list. More exotic languages such as Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin also made the top 10 in terms of pay.

Other languages widely used in the UK, such as Welsh and Polish, were also in demand, with Welsh just beating Polish out of the top 10 spot for pay, and Polish beating Welsh to a spot in the top 10 of most-demanded languages. There were even 120 jobs requiring Gaelic – mostly all for teaching jobs in Scotland.

Rounding out the league table for highest pay were Dutch, Russian and Italian. Though not so widely taught as French, German and Spanish there is still a demand, and employers are prepared to pay for these language skills.

Our advice? If you haven’t ever learned a foreign language, or you have but you’re rusty, why not come to la Academia? We offer German and all the other languages on the list, so have a chat with us and decide what’s right for you. You could enhance your job prospects and salary, but even if you don’t get a new job you’ll have lots of fun! 0161 491 1444