2024 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. So, what does this mean for language learners, especially those getting started with Chinese?

These mythical creatures have become even more deeply entrenched in popular culture since the global Game of Thrones phenomenon.

Dragons are known for being highly ambitious and supremely self-confident. So far so good in terms of mastering a language. What’s more, Chinese is a powerhouse global language. As such, it aligns perfectly with the dragon’s goal-oriented nature.

So, why wait? Chinese New Year celebrations kick off on 10th February and last until the Lantern Festival on 24th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the cultural richness tied to the language.

In addition, it’s also prime time to take a fun look at the astrological impact of being a Dragon on your language learning efforts.

How Do the Personality Traits of Dragons Help or Hinder Language Learning?

Like dragons, language learners are often both wise and adventurous. But there’s just one small catch… They can also be temperamental and impulsive. But learning Chinese calls for patience and resilience, just like Daenerys Targaryen keeping her dragons’ fiery temperaments under control:

  • Strengths – Dragons are courageous leaders. Their charisma naturally attracts followers. It’s a valuable trait for conquering the challenges of learning Chinese.
  • Weaknesses – Beware of the Dragon’s tendency to be domineering and self-centred. These traits can hinder Chinese language learning if they’re not kept in check.

But, learning Chinese in the Year of the Dragon is an exciting prospect for all. So, whether you’re an official astrological Dragon or you’re just channelling your inner dragon, it’s still a great time to set off on an electrifying language journey.


At la Academia, we’ve got an impressive range of options to help businesses and individuals learn Chinese. Get in touch, whether you’re drawn to dragons or compelled by this fascinating language. Either way, 2024 is your year to roar, (or should we say, speak Chinese)!