Effective and compelling 21st century EFL learning isn’t just about language alone. Your EFL endeavours can be amplified by the intriguing history, culture and traditions behind the language. So, if you’re immersed in EFL learning in June 2022, you’re in for a bonanza.

The thing is, EFL learning that’s confined to a classroom can be uninspiring. Stories and events you can hang your hat on and engage with bring learning to life. The Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations are exactly such an occasion.

According to CNN’s Stephanie Elam, the Americans perceive the British royal family “… as a massive soap opera, replete with love and loss, pomp and circumstance and British accents (Americans love those too).”

It all adds up to a whole lot of larger-than-life back stories for you to start exploring. It’s fascinating, fun… and it will supplement your EFL learning majestically.

But don’t worry if the history of the British monarchy isn’t your bag. There are plenty of other ways that exceptional languages schools top up EFL learning for sovereign success.

What’s Included in Platinum Standard EFL Learning That’s Fit for a Queen?

The culture and history of the UK is integral to effective language learning. But you can also learn more quickly and efficiently by engaging with the English language in a variety of other entertaining ways, such as –

  • taking part in online courses and webinars in English
  • watching English films and television programmes
  • engaging in social media in English
  • listening to English songs (and singing along if you like)


At La Academia, we’re firm advocates of exposure to the English language in a multitude of different ways for maximum learning proficiency and pleasure. So, let’s start right now with a royal toast… which isn’t a grilled piece of bread that the Queen has for her breakfast.

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