Wondering why so many language enthusiasts mark their calendars on 27th September? It’s time to celebrate World Tourism Day. And tourism + learning languages = a match made in heaven.

World Tourism Day was founded in 1979 by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Since then, it’s been a day to celebrate the beauty of travel, cultural exchange, and, of course, the languages that connect us all.

So, why is this day such a big deal for language learners? Let’s find out…

Opening Career Doors

The World Tourism Day page on the United Nations website references “a further 800,000 jobs a year” between now and 2030.

This data indicates that learning a new language is like getting a golden ticket to the world of tourism. Imagine working as a tour guide in Italy, a hotel manager in France, or a travel writer in Japan. In short, languages can open doors to game-changing career opportunities in the tourism industry, giving you a chance to explore the world while earning your living.

Connecting Across the Language Divide

One of the most beautiful aspects of travelling is meeting people from different cultures. When you can speak their language, you can connect on a deeper level, share stories, and create memories that last a lifetime.

Navigating Like a Sherpa

Lost in a foreign place? No problem! Understanding and speaking the local language elevates you from naïve tourist to intrepid adventurer. In addition to navigating with ease, languages empower you to order delicious food at local joints, and even barter like a pro at the local markets.

Demonstrating Good Manners and Cultural Appreciation

Speaking the local language is a sign of respect and appreciation for the culture you’re visiting. To this end, you can expect some magical experiences with locals who are thrilled you’ve taken the time to learn their language.


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A happy World Tourism Day to you – a day to celebrate not just the beauty of travel, but also the incredible world of languages that makes every journey an adventure.