EFL lessons are a crucial lifeline for many immigrants who arrive in the UK with little or no English language skills. National Immigrants Day, on Friday 28th October, is the ideal opportunity to celebrate the vital service that EFL lessons provide to people who come from other countries to plant their roots here.

And it’s a fair few people joining the melting pot. According to the Office for National Statistics – “In the year ending June 2021, the non-UK-born population was an estimated 9.6 million and the non-British population was an estimated 6.0 million”.

“India is the most common non-UK country of birth in the year ending June 2021”, it continued. “Polish has been the most common non-British nationality in the UK since 2007”. (The Indian and Polish immigrant volumes are closely followed by those from Pakistan, Italy, Germany, Romania. It’s also noteworthy that the research was carried out before the more recent influx of Ukrainian refugees as a result of the Russian war.)

But which ever corner of the planet they come from, people usually share the common goal of wanting to integrate in to society and build good lives for themselves and their families. To this end, EFL lessons can be make or break, especially if they don’t have family and friends to help them settle in.

There’s a whole host of reasons why EFL lessons are such a fundamental lifeline to intrepid immigrants. Here’s just a few of them.

3 Common Benefits of EFL Lessons

  • Job Prospects – Learning to communicate fluently in English is a priority for many immigrants. After all, the quicker they can get up to speed, the better their prospects for securing suitable employment and carving out a career path.
  • Social Interaction – Being able to interact socially is one of the most important contributory factors for settling in a foreign country. Immersion is the fastest and most effective way to learn another language at pace. But EFL lessons are invaluable at a supplementary level, for helping to make sense of the language at a deeper level, besides providing community and moral support.
  • Targeted Learning – EFL lessons can be tailored on a needs basis. As a result, they’re the perfect beginning, middle or end of the language learning journeys of children and adults of varying proficiency levels.


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Population of the UK by country of birth and nationality: year ending June 2021, Office for National Statistics