Professional tuition has always been in high demand during the final months of every year and the opening months of the following year.

This annual seasonal surge happens when parent’s stress levels rise ahead of impending GSCE and A-Level mock exams.

Mock exams are a solid indication of whether a student is on track to perform to expectations and hit their predicted grades.

Parents book professional tuition to supplement what their children are learning in school, focusing on areas of weakness where extra attention is needed.

Demand for professional tuition soared during the 2020 and 2021 academic years. Parents were understandably concerned about the disruption caused to their children’s education by lockdowns, home schooling and changing exam goalposts.

The trend is continuing during the 2022 academic year. Professional tuition is still being relied on heavily, as parents seek to support their children through mock exams amidst ongoing uncertainty. 

How Does Professional Tuition Work?  

Professional tuition specialists tailor their services to the specific needs of you and your child.

They offer –

  • 1:1 Tuition – Sessions are usually offered on a 1:1 basis, allowing tutors to really drill down in to the gaps in your child’s knowledge. If tutors are working with more than one student preparing for the same exam, there might be the possibility for tuition sessions for very small and select groups.
  • On or Off-Site Tuition Sessions – Some students benefit from attending an educational establishment, whilst others feel more comfortable in their own homes. Sessions can be arranged to suit your preferred location.
  • Virtual Sessions – Zoom and Skype sessions are here to stay if remote learning is necessary or preferred for your child.

At La Academia, we offer professional tuition for GSCE and A-Level students in all core subjects. In addition, our GSCE and A-Level tuition portfolio includes the languages we’re famous for teaching, such as French, German, Italian and Spanish.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in effective, focused and – importantly – enjoyable tuition to guide your child through their mock exams.