A homestay with an English-speaking family in Manchester is a golden ticket for overseas students who dream of chatting away in English as easily as their native language. You see, a homestay reaches the parts a course alone can’t. It’s a fun-packed two-week immersion into our way of life. And homestay families are more than just hosts. They’re English-speaking cheerleaders, ready to guide their intrepid guests every step of the way.

As you can see, homestays are about living English, besides learning to speak it. That’s what makes homestays a language learning powerhouse. Imagine discussing the latest Manchester United game over breakfast, or debating the best biscuit to dunk in your tea. It goes far beyond your usual classroom and textbook fodder.

But what’s Manchester got that other UK destinations haven’t?

Why is Manchester Wildly Popular for English Homestays?

As if you need ask! This vibrant city is a melting pot of culture, history, and, of course, language. Plus, it’s:

  • Home to two top Premiership football clubs
  • A shopper’s paradise
  • Surrounded by stunning countryside
  • Just a short train ride from Chester, Liverpool, North Wales, Staffordshire, and many other places of cultural, historic, and social significance. In fact, it’s not much more than two hours to get to London.

What’s more, it’s not just the language learners who benefit from this exchange. Local families in South Manchester and Cheshire find they really get something good positive out of hosting an international student. It’s a two-way street when you think about it, with both sides sharing their customs and learning about each other’s cultures.

Manchester awaits, with its arms and doors wide open!


Interested in becoming a host? Award-winning language school la Academia is on the lookout for warm, welcoming families ready to open their homes and hearts to our adult homestay students this 27th May – 7th June. Great pay rates are on offer to hosts, who must be located in south Manchester, and able to provide a private room, breakfast and dinner to our overseas guests. Get in touch with us for more information and start making a real difference you’ll find richly rewarding too.