“The Arabic language is a pillar of the cultural diversity of humanity. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, used daily by more than 400 million people. World Arabic Language Day is celebrated every year on 18 December since 2012. The date coincides with the day in 1973 that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted Arabic as the sixth official language of the Organization.”

Ever dreamt of diving into a language steeped in rich culture and history? Look no further than Arabic. As UNESCO points out, over 400 million people across the globe speak Arabic daily. It’s more than just a language. It’s a global conversation, which World Arabic Language Day every 18th December pays homage to.

So why choose Arabic?

Heightened Career Prospects

Multilingualism is an asset in today’s globalised landscape. Think about the benefits it brings to sectors such as diplomacy, education, medicine, national security, to name but a few. Arabic is a central language in these fields, representing diversity and globalism to potential employers.

Key to Culture

Learning Arabic opens doors to a treasure trove of literature, poetry, and ancient wisdom. Imagine reading iconic works of Rumi, Ibn Khaldun and Al-Mutanabbi in their original language. It’s a catalyst for gaining insights into some of the brilliant minds that shaped civilisations.

Passport to Broader Horizons

The Arabic language transcends borders and transports you the heart of the Middle East and North Africa. You could say it’s a cultural odyssey from ancient wonders to modern marvels.

Why wait to embrace a vital language that’s breathing life into the past and shaping the future?


At La Academia, we offer Arabic courses for children, plus adult learning options. So, get in touch, whether you’re an intrepid student, an ambitious professional, or you’ve just got an insatiable curiosity for the world. And make Arabic your next language conquest.