Have you heard about the latest trend taking the parenting world by storm? No, it’s not a newfangled AI tool or an infant superfood. Age-appropriate Spanish language lessons are much more aspirational circa 2023. So, move over ABCs, it’s time for the Hola!s and Adiós!s to take centre stage.

The immediate attraction is clear. Imagine strolling through the sun-soaked streets of Malaga, proudly watching your little one’s beaming smile as they ask the vendor for an ice cream in perfect Spanish. It’s the dream many parents are chasing as they sign up their 4-6-year-olds for Spanish classes. And who can blame them? Those family trips to Spain suddenly become a breeze when your mini adventurer can hold their own in conversations.

But it’s not just about travel goals. In addition, there’s a whole bunch of reasons why teaching your tiny humans Español early on is an inspired idea. Not sure? Let’s take a look…

Boosts Cognitive Skills

Reception and Year 1 children have sponge-like brains that are craving knowledge. To this end, learning a second language is a colossal brain booster that also helps them ace their other subjects.

Cultivates a Love for Learning

Signing your little ones up to learn Spanish doesn’t mean you’re turning into a full-on Tiger Mum (or Dad!). On the contrary, it’s about nurturing the joy of education. This is because tailored Spanish lessons for their age group are playful escapades filled with games, songs, and exciting activities. As a result, your child won’t even realise they’re developing a skill that could open doors in the future.

Expands Horizons

Enrolling in Spanish classes also introduces young students to diverse cultures, nurturing empathy and an appreciation for multiculturalism – all while having the most fun ever.


Ultimately, learning Spanish isn’t just about future travels, (although those tapas will taste even better when your squad can order them for you). It’s a journey your child will cherish – and who knows, they might just become the coolest multilingual adventurer on the playground!

At La Academia, our purpose-designed Spanish classes for Reception and Year 1 students ignite curiosity, foster brainpower, and instill a love for language and culture. Get in touch with your questions. Or fill in an online application form for our latest children’s Spanish groups. Vamos a aprender!