A lot of la Academia’s students begin their studies at our Manchester language school with Spanish, and there are many reasons why they and others choose to learn Spanish.

Holidays!  With 21 countries where Spanish is the official language, many of them tourism meccas, being able to speak Spanish with the locals is a key motivator.

Business:  With over 400m Spanish native speakers there are a lot of potential customers and suppliers across the world – it’s only polite to make the effort to learn their language!

Politics: Across the EU and the UN Spanish is an official language, so those who learn Spanish to a higher level have opportunities to translate and interpret world events and gatherings.

The challenge: Learning any language is a great way to keep your brain active and engaged.  Even though Spanish is a relatively easy language for many English speakers – at least compared with Russian or Chinese, for example – keeping your brain happy by undertaking new adventures is always a good thing.

Having learned Spanish with la Academia a lot of our students get the language bug and move on to French, Italian, German, Chinese or other languages.

Whatever language interests you, la Academia can help you get to the level you need – and whether you’re learning for business or pleasure, we help make it fun!