There’s a thought-provoking thread about GSCE tuition – ‘Is Tuition Worth It?’ – on The Student Room platform. Here’s a snapshot of genuine feedback from high school students, discussing their experiences and opinions about GSCE tuition, straight from the horse’s mouth: –

  • Joey Tanaka“Yes. For English, I went from a Grade 2 in literature and Grade 4 in Language to a Grade 7 in both. It’s an investment though. You will need to give it time for it to work…it’s not just a quick win.”
  • Mezmorised Potato“I found that Maths tuition was really helpful. I used to struggle with Maths when I was 10 and it really helped boost my confidence for high school and eventually my GCSE’s. I ended up with an A*.”
  • Optimistic Medic“The class sizes in my school are pretty big, 29-34. I’m not going to go to tuition for every subject, just for science – I feel I need that 1:1 teaching to improve my grades.”

The student’s testimonials are powerful. But truthfully, there are many persuasive reasons why demand for GCSE tuition in core subjects continues to soar.

Here are just a few of them…

Why GSCE Tuition Works  

  • Tailored Approach – Specialist providers of GSCE tuition are experienced in quickly adapting to an effective teaching style that best serves the unique needs of every individual student, on a subject-by-subject basis.
  • Focused Attention – The quest amongst students to achieve the top grades is increasingly competitive. As a result, it’s not child’s play for teachers, who are struggling to facilitate multiple and varied needs. This isn’t the case with GSCE tuition. It removes any negative self-comparison, and prepares students to face their mocks and exams with confidence.
  • Targeted Learning – It might be that a student is struggling with specific course topics. In response, an expert GSCE tutor can laser target help where it’s needed most.


At La Academia, we’re long-time experts in providing GCSE tuition to students. We’re here to hand hold them over the line with English, Maths, Languages and Sciences exams. GSCE tuition sessions can held at the language school in Cheadle or we can visit your home. Why not get in touch for a chat if you’re thinking about GSCE tuition for your child? 

Is Tuition Worth It? The Student Room