Frustrated that your best efforts to home school your child to Arabic GCSE standards are falling short? You’re not alone. And it often comes down to this…

Teaching languages is a very specific skill. So, even if you’re highly satisfied with your child’s (and you own) results in other subjects, it doesn’t mean guaranteed success in their Arabic GCSE.

Why? Well, if you’re a native Arabic speaker or you’ve become fluent during the course of your life, you might be too close to the language. And this can be a massive obstacle to passing it on to your intrepid young pupil/s.

So, why not enlist expert external help if you’re hoping to submit them as external candidates in 2024? It might just plug the gap that you’re struggling to fill, achieving more progress in less time and less stressfully for both of you.

Why Enlist a Language School to Help with Arabic GCSE?

The decision to send your child to a language school isn’t an easy one to make. But there are several good reasons to give it serious thought:

  • Engaging and Interactive Learning – Fun and interactive classes are the ideal launchpad for boosting your child’s learning and their confidence levels, standing them in good stead when their time comes to apply to universities and for jobs in the future.
  • Cultural Appreciation – A good Arabic GCSE course goes beyond traditional classroom learning. The inclusion of appropriate games, films and songs are known to bring language to life for young learners, whilst simultaneously broadening their appreciation of a language’s homeland/s.
  • Trustworthy Environment – The credentials of any reputable language school speak for themselves. For example, staff should have experience of working with minors, besides passing enhanced CRB checks. This enables you to enrol your child on an Arabic GCSE course with complete peace of mind.


We look forward to welcoming you child to La Academia for the next Arabic GCSE course, designed to prepare students for their exams and equip them to earn higher grades.

Get in touch to your secure their place/s, which are strictly limited and on a first come first served basis:

When?                 Wednesday 1st March 2023 at 10.00-11.00am
Where?                La Academia in Cheadle
Cost?                   £10.00 per child per hour, payable termly in advance
Teacher?             Warka