Unfamiliar with the humble piñata? You’ve no idea what you’ve been missing! What better time than National Piñata Day on 18th April to find out.

Suzanne Barbezat’s ThoughtCo article Piñata History and Meaning explained: “The traditional shape for a piñata is a star with seven points, but now it’s very popular to make piñatas that represent animals, superheroes or cartoon characters”.

Whilst National Today teased: “…go ahead and shatter a colourful candy container known as a piñata to get as much candy as possible.”

So, what’s the deal? Piñata thwacking is a Mexican and Spanish custom, bringing people together to enjoy delicious food, colourful decorations, and of course, the beloved piñata. And what better way to join in on the fun than by speaking Spanish?

Intrigued? You will be…

Speaking and Understanding Spanish Makes More Sense of a Crazy Day

Whilst anybody can marvel at the spectacle, you can fully enter the spirit of the occasion if your Spanish is up to speed. Let us explain…

  • Optimum Immersion – Speaking Spanish give you the opportunity to throw yourself headlong into the fun and games on National Piñata Day. You can communicate with co-revellers in their native language, sing along to traditional Spanish songs, and even get involved in the party planning with fellow Spanish speakers.
  • Cultural Appreciation – Being able to communicate in and understand Spanish on National Piñata Day means being able to fully appreciate the cultural significance of the holiday. After all, the piñata has a long and rich history in Mexico and other Latin American countries. You see, it’s not just a fun party game. It’s also a symbol of the struggle against evil and a representation of the rewards that come with perseverance.
  • Expansive and Enriching – The gift of conversation enables cultural connection. Everybody can share their experiences and traditions, and learn about the unique customs of other Spanish-speaking countries.


At La Academia, we’ve currently got seven adult Spanish for beginners groups, plus six pre-intermediate and intermediate, and two advanced groups featured on our website. They are held at the school or on Zoom. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a native speaker or just learning the language, embrace the opportunity to make merry and celebrate this beloved holiday to its kookiest best.